Quick Tips For Fall Decorating
By Karon November 2012

Need to perk up your house for autumn, but don’t have any spare time for a fall makeover? Well, try these quick simple tips; they are fast and so very easy.

Pumpkins are a staple when decorating for fall, just fill a large bowl with a mix of small baking pumpkins, gourds and pinecones and place on a coffee table or mantle. This simple arrangement also works well on a dining table paired with crystal or silver candlesticks for a bit more drama.

Lanterns are a must have when decorating for any season, all you need is a bit of vine to twist inside and then add a small pumpkin or battery operated candle, then top the outside of the lantern with a ribbon. Boxwoods has so many to choose from like our burlap check ribbon or black and white houndstooth. For a final pop of color tuck in a sprig of bittersweet or grapevine and let it fall down the side of the lantern. Lanterns can go in a multitude of places, row them down a fireplace mantle or hearth, place a lantern on a coffee table, and even in the center of a dining room table; the candle will add ambience when the lights are dimmed, and everyone looks better in candlelight!

If you have emptied your urns and pottery for the season, and don’t want to use the same ol’ mums again this year, try this simple display:  Place a pumpkin in the center of a black urn, and then just tuck in some mixed pansies all the way around. This trio looks fabulous by a front door.

Once fall is over, all these displays need are a few quick changes and you’re ready for the next season!