The Art Of Tablescaping
By Karon March 2013

For some people, the idea of creating a tablescape seems like a daunting task – spending hours arranging and re-arranging the top of a dresser or side table, only to get discouraged and end up scrapping the whole thing. If you love to decorate, it truly becomes a lifelong hobby and it could take years to accessorize a room that tells your story.

Follow these few simple rules to make the art of arranging objects a little easier.

First, look at the surface or piece of furniture that you are going to accessorize and decide what function it will serve. Does it need a light source for reading, or do you have a special object that you want to see on that table? If so, start with that and build around it. All you really need to remember is balance and style. For a more formal room, symmetry works better; for a casual look, try an asymmetrical grouping.

Second, decide what story you want to tell and begin to collect items from around your home. If your story is about family and you want to display old family photos, keep them all in black and white or sepia tones and make sure the mats and frames are of similar style. Have some of your old photos enlarged to a 5×7 so that you can display them in varying heights for more impact.

Maybe you have a collection of wooden bowls or old wine jugs; for better visual interest, display these types of collections in odd numbers of 3 or 5.

Arrange smaller objects like sea glass, seashells or a collection of tiny jewel boxes in a tiered silver or porcelain tray so they don’t get lost on a vast horizontal surface.

Third, remember not to stray from your story and only display items that are related; once you have your objects arranged, edit!