Welcome to Boxwoods! 

Welcome to Boxwoods, we love that you found us! As I welcome yet another year, I take a glance back to see how far I've come..one year in our new home, our youngest off to college...then I look forward to see what this New Year will bring and what I can do to make it count. For me this year, it will be about making our new home a beautiful livable space for my family.


I can't wait to find the perfect pieces that tell our story, layering each room with rugs, furniture, books, silver, and of course topping it all off with tons of artwork. You can never have enough artwork. For me, decorating is a journey, not an overnight success. My rule is "if it speaks to you, buy it and it will always have a place in your home!" 

What will your focus be this year? Do you have a wall that needs a beautiful bookcase, or a sofa that has seen better days? Stop in and visit, or make an appointment with one of our designers. We would love to help you make this year count!

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