An Open Floor at Beacon Hill? No Way!

Thankfully it has been a mild fall in the Midwest, so we have had some progress at Beacon Hill. As I wander through the framed walls on the first floor, I dream of what our new home will look like. Perched on a sawhorse with a mug of hot coffee and a warm blanket to ward off the cool air, I can visualize the wood floors, stone fireplaces and lots of crown molding.

As the framing crew poured over the plans with my husband, the first question was why so many walls? Why not an open floor plan like everyone else?

We wanted rooms he told them, actual rooms separated by hallways and doorways. We want a vestibule and foyer to greet guest and set the tone for the rest of the house, not a front entry that says welcome to my living room. A house without formals? Not this traditionalist. My grownup rooms are a place to escape with a cocktail when company comes. The sun room, located at the other end of the house will be our room of choice for that first cup of coffee in the morning!

Open floor plans sound great until it’s time to paint, or wallpaper. Where do you stop one color and add another? Does the toile wallpaper work for both kitchen and family room? Why does my sofa feel like it is in my eating area?

As the owner of a home furnishings store, many customers have come to me with the same dilemma. . . I don’t have a lot of wall space, so where do I put my furniture or hang my artwork? With an open floor plan this isn’t easy to do.

Try making a holiday meal with six grand kids running around your feet and the football game is blaring from the TV a couple of feet away. When this happens I usually forget to add something important to the recipe, like ingredients!! No wonder people are ordering pre-made meals nowadays.

I can’t wait to have my rooms. Actual rooms to decorate, each one a little different to satisfy my love for wallpaper and paint. No more dirty dishes visible from the dining room, the littles can play in the family room while the grownups enjoy dessert in the living room and I will have plenty of drywall to hang my never-ending collection of artwork.

As the cold weather nears, the barn is almost ready for our daughters four-legged furry BFF’s. She has already added another member to the family, meet Roo her new filly!

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