Simple Steps to Trimming Your Tree

The first week of December is almost over, the temperatures here in the Midwest have plummeted in a matter of hours, and snow flurries have been spotted around town. It's time to get that tree trimmed and the halls decked, so here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Trimming your tree doesn't have to be a daunting task, says Teresa - our tree guru, if you follow these easy steps:

First, pick a container for your tree. Forget those plastic tree stands! Here at Boxwoods, we like to put our trees in urns or wooden planter boxes from our garden center.

Second, 100 lights per foot is a must when lighting your tree. Wind each branch with lights from the top down, and make sure they work before attaching them! Next, add your ribbon, garland or grapevine; never winding around the outside, but rather tucking it in and out of the branches toward the center of the tree. You can further secure it with zip ties. Sometimes adding a simple long-needle pine garland or picks to the branches before the ornaments go on can add depth and texture to your tree.

Next, sort your ornaments out. Whether it's glitz and glam this year or a woodland theme, keep your color scheme to at least three. Start with the largest ornaments and place them throughout the inside of the tree. Then add your basic colors and medium sized ornaments on the tree branches. Finally, finish off the tips of the tree with your smallest ornaments where they won't get lost.

When it's all done, email us a photo of your tree! We love to see how our customers are decorating their homes for the holidays!

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