Beacon Hill... A Work in Progress

A work in progress… that is what Beacon Hill has been for the past year. The last time I blogged about Beacon Hill, the framers were just getting started. Surely we would be in our new home by Easter.

Since then, we said goodbye to our old house and an old friend, donated a lot of stuff to goodwill, and found some temporary new digs in an apartment near our middle daughter.

It is now October, and I am just hoping we can move in before the snow flies.

Building a home based on the vernacular, is not a quick and easy project. Everything is taking a long time, and the contractors practically live there.

Giving a home a sense of history, its own personality and charm is a process of gathering memories that will tell a story about who we are. I just can’t wait to get to the good stuff, like lighting, artwork and furniture.

Beacon Hill is a combination of both of our lives. Deep impressions of growing up in the south for me, and for my husband Shane, it was growing up on a farm in Iowa. From our 100 year old home on Grand Avenue in Des Moines, to our little cottage on the lake in Sun Valley, we have gathered all of who we are under one roof and this is where we will call home once again. Surely, we will be in our home by Christmas.

The kitchen cabinets are now in, and we want to send a great big thank you to Charlene at Showplace Cabinets!

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