My Love for Dishes

Remember your first time, you fell in love with dishes…

My love affair with dishes began when I was in middle school. We lived in Alexandria, Virginia and one of our favorite places to visit was an antique mall called Thieves Market. I remember entering the store where you were greeted by a very formidable gypsy in an enormous timeworn glass booth, probably from some long forgotten traveling circus. For a mere quarter, she would tell your fortune with a toothless cackle that would scare the wits out of me every single time.

Every inch of this store was packed full from floor to ceiling with a vast amount of everything imaginable. My mom, dad and I would slowly make our way through the booths of antique dealers and their mass collections searching for buried treasure. My parents were always looking for artwork and furniture, while I was completely gob smacked at the towering stacks of dishes. Each booth fuller than the last, each stack of dishes soaring taller than the one before.

Where did all of these dishes come from, a beautiful old home on the Hudson or a castle from England? I was drawn to each and every one of them, but the one that spoke to me the most was a blue and white Spode Plate.

I had no idea what to do with it, but I knew it was something to treasure, and that was the beginning of my dish addiction. Sadly enough that platter did not make it through all my travels, but I have managed to add a few more platters to my collection since then.

Recently at market we happened to stumble upon some of the most darling dishes that we just had to have for the store and ourselves! These Burleigh earthenware dishes are perfect for anytime of the year, and you can mix and layer them with just about any color. Right now our favorite is the Black Regal Peacock pattern that was introduced in 2017. Look how wonderful it layers with greens and blues for a fresh spring table.

Stop into Boxwoods and see all of the beautiful table settings and get inspired for spring!

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