Which is Right for Your Space... Sectional or Sofa?

Sectional or Sofa, which is the right choice?

Whether you have a large open living area or a small cozy space, you have probably asked yourself which choice is right for my space? A sectional or sofa? With so many styles and options it can be a bit overwhelming.

While a sofa offers more flexibility to redesign your space and move furniture around, a sectional can offer optimal seating for a large family or entertaining crowds.

First ask yourself if you and your family tend to lounge more or just sit and visit for short periods of time? If lounging is your thing then a sectional could be the perfect fit.

Sectionals nowadays are much sleeker and more sophisticated, not chunky and overpowering. New homes usually have open floor plans and can be a challenge to place furniture. A sectional can help define a room while offering maximum seating. A large room can also handle a large u-shaped sectional for all the kiddos and Fido, or add a large chaise on one end. Anchor the back of your sectional with a sofa table and side table.

Sectionals are not just for large rooms, cornering a sectional in a small den can offer the most seating and create a cozy nook for reading.

Sectionals today can be very sleek and contemporary with low backs, streamlined arms and legs in leather or if traditional is your style try a sectional with an English arm or a tufted back in a rich velvet.

At Boxwoods, we have many styles and fabrics to choose from and we would love to help you design the room of your dreams. Stop in today, no appointment necessary and take advantage of a special sale on all upholstered furniture whether special orders or off the floor.

See you soon.

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