The Chesterfield Sofa, Classic or Contemporary?

The Chesterfield Sofa, Classic or Contemporary?

If you think of a chesterfield sofa as traditional only, think again. While it still lends itself to the men’s room only feel, this classic sofa can change its look for any style.

The chesterfield has always been a favorite of mine, I love how it can instantly upgrade the feel of a room. I have had my chesterfield for ten years, and it still makes my heart swoon every time I see it. I chose a neutral linen for my formal living room so that I can switch out my pillows for the season. The tufted back and deep seating are the ultimate in comfort.

If comfort and style is what you’re after, consider a chesterfield and you won’t be disappointed. With its graceful rolled arms and tufted back, the chesterfield is a perfect fit for the feminist, especially when covered in a luxurious velvet, or soft linen.

The bench seat makes it perfect for napping, which was its original purpose in the Victorian era. I’m sure Scarlett O’Hara had one at Tara.

Is your style more industrial or vintage? Consider a sleek chesterfield sofa in a soft leather that will age over time and fit right in with a more relaxed décor. If you like pattern and color, the chesterfield can handle that too, which makes it more playful and fun without giving up comfort and style.

So, if you’re considering a new sofa but don’t want to settle for that same old look the chesterfield is a perfect choice. Visit us at Boxwoods so we can help you pick out the perfect one for your home.

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